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Dr. Disney has been in Family Practice since 1997. We are a patient-centered office, you’re the boss. Whether you want temporary relief or a wellness program, we can help you achieve your health goals.

Kids need chiropractic care too. It can not be over emphasized the importance to correct spinal misalignment during childhood. Often the first subluxation a child has is during the birth process. Learning to walk, falling, and playing sports are only a few ways a subluxation can occur.

Early Chiropractic check ups and maintenance will allow the child to grow without developmental or physical defects.

Spinal decay is often seen in the elderly, and some people are misled that it is normal. In fact it is almost completely preventable if the stress on the spine is corrected. If you have spinal decay, your body may react to uncorrected spinal stress by depositing calcium into the affected joints. It tries to repair the malfunctioning joint by fusing the segments together. This is called spinal decay. Early detection can avoid painful symptoms and permanent damage.

When it is detected at an early stage, chiropractic care can prevent more damage and help the affected areas function better and with less discomfort. In the first stage, many patients see the spinal curve is restored and improved mobility. The main focus of chiropractic care is not only to treat the symptoms but to also fix the problem. The problem, more often then not, is a misaligned spine and poor nerve function. Our goal is to fix the misalignment to improve the nerve function for better over all health.

Chiropractic care can help those with advanced spinal decay. While we can not correct the areas that have already been affected, we can prevent further spinal decay in those areas and prevent it in other areas or the spine.

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